A Perfect Name

On the infinitely long list of things that are painful right now, one that we never saw coming is Simon’s name. When a baby is born, people always talk about the name. Where it came from, what it means, is it a family name…and they always say they love it (even if they don’t).

There isn’t a baby in our arms crying or making those ridiculously cute newborn noises, so we aren’t getting those questions, but we want nothing more than to talk about Simon, and for the world to know his story.

We named Simon long before we met him. Before Tera was even pregnant with him, in fact. We were visiting friends in Sweden and met little Simon (different pronunciation) and absolutely fell in love with his name. We knew then and there that if we were lucky enough to have a second son, Simon would be his name.

(Here are Nolan and Swedish Simon watching their dads clean up the yard.)IMG_0747.JPG

Throughout the pregnancy, we debated girls’ names. We couldn’t land on one we truly loved. We kept saying “Simon is perfect…this one isn’t quite right.” As it turns out, we never needed to search for the girls’ name. He was Simon all along.

His middle names are family names. It was originally going to be Ebbert, my grandmother’s maiden name, but after we heard those heartbreaking words and knew our baby wasn’t coming home with us, we added Joseph, a tribute to Tera’s grandpa Joe.

When he came into the world, we named him Simon Ebbert Joseph Heinzerling. And his name is perfect.

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